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Pura Vida Solar is proud to partner with Chaz and Dylan at First Response Solar. If you should need any services that we cannot provide, First Response is our go-to referral.

At First Response Solar, we believe in providing top quality products, offering superior workmanship and maintaining long term relationships with our customers.

Having working in the industry for the past 11 years, in our experience, many solar customers do not remember who sold them their solar system or which company they used. At First Response Solar, you are working directly with the owners of the company. We pride ourselves on providing a long term relationship and supporting our customers energy needs as their lifestyles change and their energy use evolves.

At First Response Solar we use local and American Made products whenever possible. We believe in investing in equipment that is high quality and supports our local community.

We take personal pride in our work and as the owners of the company, we will be here from day one and will continue to provide support through the lifecycle of your solar system.

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